Announcements made in Glasscubes are a great way to ensure that users are aware of an important update or news. Unlike email, your announcement will remain in front of a user until they acknowledge it, which means that nobody has an excuse for not reading what you have to say or missing timely information.

Dashboard announcements

Dashboard announcements are perfect for account-wide updates. Only Administrators can make announcements from the Dashboard.

Workspace announcements

Workspace announcements are restricted to the workspace that they are made in. Only Workspace Owners or Administrators can make announcements in a workspace.

The quickest way to make a workspace announcement is using the 'Add' button. Click on the 'Post or Poll' option on the drop down menu, then select the workspace you want to add your announcement to. You will then have the option to select the 'Announcement' tab.

Creating an announcement

You will find the announcement feature at the top of your dashboard or workspace activity feed.

To make an announcement select the ‘Announcement’ option and click into the text box called ‘Title’, add your announcement’s title.

The text box below the title is for the announcement's content. You can add file attachments to your announcement by clicking on the paperclip icon. Click the ‘Advanced Editor’ if you would like to format your announcement's content.

Now select the users that you would like the announcement to be sent to. The default setting is to ‘All Members’ but this can be removed and individuals or teams selected instead. If you don’t add any users to your announcement, no-one will be notified of it but it will still appear in the activity feed.

Finally click ‘Post’ and the announcement will be sent.

When a user receives an announcement it will be displayed prominently, in a panel that covers their whole screen. The only way to proceed past an announcement is to close it. If a user has multiple announcements they are given the option to ‘Read later’. If chosen the announcement will display the next time they login.

Users also have the option to ‘Like’, ‘Follow’ or ‘Comment’ on announcements. Any social activity around an announcement will be shared in the relevant activity feed.

Which users have been notified?

if you notify other users of an announcement Glasscubes records the users that you sent the notification to, when it was sent and whether it has been viewed by them. More

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