Polls make it easy to request and collate group feedback. They provide a quick way of getting a general consensus for making group decisions. Simply create a Poll, add multiple-choice answers and ask users to vote. The results are then conveniently displayed as a visual representation for quick reference.

Dashboard polls

Dashboard Polls are perfect to request account-wide feedback. Only Administrators can create Polls from the Dashboard.

Workspace polls

Workspace Polls are restricted to the workspace that they are created in. Any member that can contribute to a workspace can create a Poll in that workspace.

The quickest way to create a Poll is by using the 'Add' button.

Creating a poll

You will find the Poll feature at the top of your dashboard or workspace activity feed.

To create a Poll select the ‘Poll’ option and click into the text box called ‘Title’. Add your Poll’s title and give it a minimum of 2 answers.

If you would like to add additional answers to your Poll click ‘Add another answer’, you can add as many as you like. After you have added all of your answers add a description to your Poll.

You can add file attachments to your Poll by clicking on the paperclip icon. Click the ‘Advanced Editor’ if you would like to format your Poll's content.

Now select the users that you would like to involve in the Poll. The default setting is ‘All Members’ but this can be removed and individuals or teams selected instead. If you don’t add any users to your Poll, no-one will be notified of it but it will still appear in the activity feed, so that anyone can contribute.

Finally click ‘Post’ and the Poll will be sent.

Which users have been notified?

if you notify users of a Poll Glasscubes records the users that you sent the notification to, when it was sent and whether it has been viewed by them. More

Responding to a Poll

When a user receives a request to vote they will not see any other users response’s until after they have cast their vote.

After a user votes they will immediately see a visual chart that shows the live results of the Poll.

Users also have the option to ‘Like’, ‘Follow’ or ‘Comment’ on Polls. Any social activity around a Poll will be shared in the relevant activity feed.

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