You can attach email conversations to contact records in Connect. It’s a great way to store important communications that other members of your team can also access. It’s easy to do and keeps all of the information that’s related to a contact in a single, central place, that’s quick and easy to find.

How does it work?

The contact that you want to attach the email to must have the same email address in their contact record as the email address that you are sending the message to.

You then simply add in the Cc field of your outgoing email (note: it will not work if you add it to the Bcc field).

If you have multiple Glasscubes accounts, prefix with the unique part of your account URL e.g. if your URL is then the email address you use in the Cc field will be

A copy of the email is then date stamped and automatically listed in the 'Attached Emails' section of their contact record. Just click on the link to access the full content of the email.

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