You can import your contact records from any source, as long as you then save them as a Comma Delimited File (.csv file type). This is a file that can be viewed in Notepad (where each field will be separated by commas) or in a spreadsheet package such as Microsoft Excel where each column will be displayed in a sensible manner.

Creating a file in the correct format

IMPORTANT: When importing your contacts, you must have a .csv file with the correct headings. If you don't the import will corrupt and you data will not import correctly.

When creating the file you need to make sure that you are using the approved headings. To help you with this, we have created an example file with a single line of data which you can then populate using your contact details, making sure that you match the appropriate headings (as below):

Download the example file for you to populate with your contacts

When you have finished making the changes, save it ensuring that it is saved as a .csv file.

Importing your contacts

Go to the contact pages in Connect. On the right hand side, click "Import Contacts from file".

After clicking 'Import Contacts' the box will expand

Click 'Choose File' and browse to locate your .csv file. After selecting it click 'Upload'. Your contacts will continue to be uploaded into Glasscubes in the background allowing you to continue your work.

When the import is completed, you will receive a confirmation by email.

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