The 'Private Messenger' facility is located in the side navigation bar and is ideal for private, real-time collaboration with other Glasscubes users. If you don’t see it, you will need to ask your account Administrator to enable it; see instructions below.

If you receive a private message and you have audio enabled you will hear a ping. The 'Private Messenger' label will continue to flash green until you click into it.

When you click on the 'Private Messenger' link the window will expand to show a list of users that you can message. At the top of the list is a search box that will help quickly locate a user.

Names that appear in green, are online and available to message instantly. If you send a message to a user that isn’t online, they will be alerted to your message the next time they login. When you receive a new message, a number will appear against the sender’s name.

To message another user click on their name and a new dialogue box will appear. Type your message in the text box at the bottom and press 'Return' on your keyboard to send the message. After you have been messaging another user, the ten most recent messages are retained and displayed in the history.

NOTE: Only you the other user can view these messages.

Configuring Private Messenger

You must be an Administrator to configure the Private Messenger facility. To enable/disable the feature navigate to Settings>Navigation options. The default setting is enabled.

You decide which users have access to Private Messenger. Navigate to Settings>Other permission. Click on 'Manage who has access to Private Messenger' and select the users that you would like to add from the drop down list.

You also have the option to give Private Messenger to new users by default. Just click the relevant radio button beneath 'Automatically add new users to Private messenger'.

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