If you are using lots of workspaces, you may want to create workspace groups to help organise them. Groups can be expanded and collapsed by users, making it easier to navigate large lists of workspaces.

To create and organise workspaces you will need to be an Administrator.

In the example above we can see four project workspaces that appear in the middle of other, departmental workspaces. To add these project workspaces to a group, go to Settings>Navigation options and scroll to the 'Workspace groups' section.

Enter the group title in the 'Group workspaces' text field and click 'Add'.

To add you workspaces to the group you can either click on the '+' symbol, or...

Drag and drop the workspace by clicking and holding the icon with the 3 horizontal lines, found to the left of the workspace's title, and dragging it into the section that is highlighted in yellow.

After adding all of the workspaces to your group, the group will appear in your workspace list prefixed with the '>' symbol.

Note: The workspace group will only appear in the workspace navigation bar if there is more than one workspace added to the group.

Click on the '>' symbol to expand the group.

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