Adding updates or news to your dashboard is a great way to ensure that users are aware of important announcements. Unlike email, you have the option to prominently display your message in front of the recipient until it's acknowledged.

Only Administrators and users that have been given the associated rights can add updates/news to your dashboard, when they do they appear in a separate feed to the right of your activity feed.

Creating an an update/news article

Click the 'Add update/news' button found on your dashboard activity summary bar.

The new update/news wizard popup will appear. Add your image, title and content; you can also attach files.

To preview the content of your update/news article click the 'Preview' button shown above.

This is an example preview. After you have added all of your content and are ready to proceed close the preview and click 'Next'.

Now are you shown a preview of the update/news card, which will appear on your dashboard. It promotes and links to your update/news article. You can edit or change the image and any of the text on this card, without making changes to the original content of your update/news article.

If you change the colour of the card's background and choose a light colour, you may want to invert the text colour, which will offer a contrast that makes it easier to read.

To proceed click 'Next'.

The final stage is deciding who you want to notify of your update/news article and how. The default setting is to notify everyone in your account with an email notification. To change that click the 'x' next to All Members and click into the box, a drop down menu will appear. Select the individuals or teams that you would like to notify.

Display options

  • Display full screen - if you check this option your update/news article will be displayed prominently, as a full screen message, the next time users login. The only way for the user to proceed is to dismiss the message. If a user has multiple updates/news articles then they are offered the option to ‘Read later’. If chosen the updates/news articles will reappear the next time they login.

  • Pin to top of feed - if you check this option your update/news article will remain at the top of the dashboard feed until its expiry date, which can be set for up to 30 days.

  • Publish in the future - choose a future date that you would like the update/news article to appear.

Which users have been notified?

If you notify users of your update/news article Glasscubes records the users that you sent the notification to, when it was sent and whether it has been viewed by them. More

Dashboard update/news article cards

After your update/news article has been posted users have the option to ‘Like’, ‘Follow’ or ‘Comment’ on it. Any social activity can be seen if you click into the update/news article. In addition to that, the number of likes, comments and views are summarised on the bottom right corner of the update/news article's card.

Editing, deleting or printing an update/news article

Click on the the update/news article's card to launch it.

In the bar under the image you have the option to Edit, Delete or Print the update/news article.

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