If you are an Administrator or Workspace Owner you can add a customised welcome header to the About page in your workspace.

It’s a great way to give your workspace a distinct look and feel, and perfect if you want to brand extranet portals for clients or partners. You can add images, links, a welcome message and contact details, in fact anything that makes it instantly recognisable and informative to users.

To enable or edit a workspace's About page, navigate to that workspace's Options>Features section and check the 'Configure this page' link in the About section, which will launch the HTML editor.

Enter your own welcome message and images. You can include external website links, contact email addresses or quick links to other areas of the workspace.

When you’re happy with your design click “Save” and the content will be displayed as a header on the About page in your workspace. NOTE: You cannot save the page if there is no content in the editor.

Workspace activity summary

The workspace activity summary will appear beneath your workspace header. Click any of these links to launch a list of the most recent items in each category.

If you would prefer to remove the activity summary from the 'About' page, navigate back to Options>Features.

Click the 'Configure this page' link to launch the editor.

Uncheck the 'Show activity banner' box and press 'Save'.

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