If you are experiencing an issue using Desktop Connect our Technical Support Team may ask you to forward us your log files.

To do that, right-hand click on the Desktop Connect icon, which you will find on your Windows navigation bar, at the bottom of your desktop.

Select 'Settings...' from the pop up menu.

Now select the 'About' tab and click 'View log file'.

This will launch Notepad. Select 'File' and 'Save As...'. Save the file to your desktop and then email it to enquiries@glasscubes.com.

F12 Developer Tool

In some cases we may need to see your browser's error and status report. To access that press the 'F12' key at the top of your keyboard.

This will launch the Developer Tool at the bottom of your browser; it may look slightly different to the screenshot above, depending on which browser you are using. Select the 'Console' tab. Now try to replicate the issue that you are experiencing. The window will populate with code.

After it finishes loading scroll to the top of the panel and select all of the text by left hand clicking and holding the mouse button down while dragging your mouse down the page. Then right hand click on the highlighted text and select 'Save as...' to save the file to your Desktop and then email it to enquiries@glasscubes.com.

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