If you want to create an index of the files/folders that are stored in a workspace, you will need to export a copy of that file/folder structure to your Windows desktop first. 

Before you download your files and folders create a new folder on your Desktop, then download all of the files/folders that you want to index into that new folder.

In this example I have called the new folder 'Test Files' and downloaded the files/folders from my workspace into that folder. Now use Windows Explorer to navigate to the new folder, as shown above.

With Windows Explorer still open, press and hold down the SHIFT key and then right hand click anywhere on a blank section of the open window. A drop down menu will appear, select 'Open PowerShell window here'.

A blue window will appear with a similar path as shown above.

Type or cut and paste the text shown below into the window and press return.
tree /F /A >Index.txt

Go back to Windows Explorer and you will find a text file called 'Index'. This lists the entire contents of your file and folder structure.

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