iCal Calendar Subscription

If you are using a third party calendar application such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calenders, you can view your Glasscubes calendar events directly in those applications using our iCal integration. NOTE: items that are stored in your private calendar will not be shared or viewed in Glasscubes.

To do this, go to your profile by clicking on your photo or initials on the top navigation bar.

Now click the 'Outlook / iCal feed' button on the right.

Click on the check box of the calendars you’d like to subscribe to. A link will appear to the left of the workspace’s name.

Outlook Calendars

Click on the link to add the calendar to Outlook. Your Glasscubes calendars can now be viewed in Outlook.

Google Calendars

To add your Glasscubes events to your Google calendars, copy the link and then open your Google calendar.

On the left hand side click on the 'Other calendars' link, then select 'Add by URL'.

Then paste the URL into the box and press the 'Add Calendar' button. Your Glasscubes calendar will now display in your Google calendar.

Other Email Clients

If you are using a different email client you can copy and paste the iCal link and 'import' it into your calendar application.

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