A workspace template saves time by allowing you to create a workspace that can be replicated instantly. It can contain everything that a normal workspaces does, like folders, files, tasks and posts. You can even populate it’s members.

You can create as many workspace templates as you like and only you, as the creator, will be edit them. Templates are however shared, so that other users can create new workspaces using your templates.

How to create a workspace template

Click the plus icon next to the title 'WORKSPACES' on your side navigation bar, or use the 'Actions' button.

You create the template in the same way as you would create a new workspace.

On the 'Configure' section instead of clicking 'Create', click the arrow to display the drop down menu.

Select 'Create Template'.

Now give your template a name and click the ‘Create Template’ button. Your workspace template will now appear in your workspace list, in the side navigation bar. 

Its name will be prefixed with ‘TEMPLATE’. It is now ready for you to populate.

How to create a workspace from a template

To create a new workspace from a template click on the ‘+’ icon, to the right of the title ‘WORKSPACES’ on your side navigation bar. 

Give your workspace a name and click the 'More Options' link.

Now select your template from the 'Create a new workspace based on template' drop down and click 'Create'.

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