Whether Glasscubes is used by colleagues, customers or partners, we understand the importance of promoting your brand and realise that it should be reflected in everything you do. That’s why we've built in the ability to quickly customise and brand your account as your own.

Account Branding

To customise your account's colours and branding navigate to Settings>Branding. Add your company logo and change the account colours to brand the account to your own look and feel.

Dashboard customisation

Use our simple, built-in editor and easily customise your dashboard without any technical knowledge. Add your own text, images and quick links; provide users with a single click, instant navigation to the most commonly visited areas of your account. You might also want to add an internal point of contact for user related questions.

Here's the default custom dashboard header:

The quickest way to personalise your dashboard is to just modify the text on the dashboard’s default image and add your own welcome message.

Here’s an example of a custom dashboard header that was quickly created in minutes by a company called Digital Message. They've added a welcome message, their website’s imagery and quick links. This all helps to personalise the dashboard and improve their user's experience, while reinforcing their brand.

If you prefer you can remove the dashboard activity feed and create a totally bespoke, full page customised dashboard. If you need help with this, please contact our Design Team who offer a complimentary service and will assist with ideas and design creation.

Plain text header

You may prefer the simplicity of no image at all, it’s your choice.

News feed

You have the option of adding a news feed to your dashboard. It appears beneath your dashboard's image; if you have one. It's the perfect place to add your company’s news and updates.

First impressions

Your account’s URL is unique and chosen by you e.g. https://digitalmessage.glasscubes.com. We also offer the option of a custom URL providing a seamless link to your organisation e.g. https://login.digitalmessage.com. Please contact our Customer Services Team for further details.

Add your logo to the sign in page.

Personalise invitations to new users.

Brand all communications

Apply your information to the signature of all notification messages.

Workspace branding

You can add a customised welcome header to individual workspaces, here's an example of an extranet portal for a partner. Click here for further instructions.

White labelled account

Our Enterprise Edition can be totally white labelled, which removes all references to Glasscubes. It creates added value by promoting Glasscubes as an extension of your organisation's own technology.

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