The dashboard’s 'News Feed' is the perfect place to add your company’s news and updates. Old articles are archived and can easily be accessed for reference by all members.

To switch the News Feed on, navigate to Settings>Dashboard and check the 'Enable dashboard news feed' box.

The News Feed will then appear below your dashboard header or custom dashboard image; if you have one.

Adding a news article

If you are an Administrator you will see an ‘Add News’ link under the News Feed. Click the link and add your article’s title and content into the text editor. Then add an image by clicking on the ‘Choose News Image’ link. You can include links and upload files too.

Resizing a news article image

After selecting your image, the image editor will open.

The highlighted area shows how the image will be cropped. Click and drag the image to move it.

Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out. To crop the image click ‘Done’.

After you have added all of the content to your article, you have the option to notify ‘All Members’ of the new article. If you would prefer, you can select individual members by name, from the box above. Click ‘Done’ to load the article and notify any selected members.

To open and article, click on it from the dashboard view. Members can then ‘Like’, share and comment on the article.

Editing or deleting an article

Only Administrators can edit or delete news articles. Firstly, click on and open the article that you would like to edit.

You will find the link to ‘Edit or Delete’ the article under its image.

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