Glasscubes version controls all of your files to guarantee that users always have access to the latest, most accurate information available.

Locate the file you want to edit and click its title to launch the file's detail page.

Now select 'Edit' from the drop down menu. The file is automatically downloaded and locked to prevent other users editing the file at the same time. The file can still be viewed and downloaded by another user while it's locked for editing.

If you are editing Microsoft Office files and have an Office 365 subscription you have the option of editing and co-editing files using Office 365.

After you have finished editing the file, save it locally to your desktop. Then click the 'Upload new version' button to upload the amended file back into Glasscubes and automatically unlock it.

If you decide not to upload a new version of the file, remember to unlock the file when you are finished, so that other users can edit it.

If you forget to unlock a file a green bar will appear at the top of your Dashboard activity feed. This will act as a permanent reminder, until the file is unlocked.

It is possible for other users to unlock files that have been locked by you (unless this option has been restricted by the Workspace Owner, see below). If they do an email will be sent alerting you.

Restricting who can unlock files

A Workspace Owner or Administrator have the option to restrict the ability of unlocking a file to themselves and the user editing it by changing the default setting in the workspace 'Options'.

Save time editing files

If you would prefer to open, edit and save files directly back into Glasscubes without having to save the updated file locally first, install Desktop Connect.

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