The quickest way to upload files/folders is using the 'Add' icon. Alternatively, go to the workspace that you want to upload a file or folder to and click on the 'Files' link.

Upload files/folders directly to a workspace by simply dragging and dropping them into the 'Files' section. Alternatively, click the button labelled 'Upload files'.

After you have selected all of the files you want to upload the 'More options' link will allow you to restrict permissions or add labels to the files during the upload process. 

You also have the option to share the file after uploading by pressing the 'Share' button. When you are ready to upload the file(s) press 'Done'.

Uploading folders

To upload folders click the arrow to the right side of the 'Upload files' button and select 'Upload folders' from the drop down menu. 

On a PC, Windows Explorer will launch. Select the folders you want to upload.

Uploading empty folders

If you want to upload a folder that has no contents, you can only do that using the drag and drop option, described at the bottom of this article. Note: Internet Explorer does not support uploading empty folders, please use an alternative browser.

Uploading a new version of a file

If you already have a file stored in Glasscubes and want to update it with a new version, go to the file's detail panel, click the 'Options' button and select 'Upload new version' from the drop down menu.

Alternatively you can go to the list of files and find the file in the list. Click on the file's Options' button and select 'Upload new version' from the drop down menu.

Uploading using drag and drop

You can also drag and drop files and folders directly into Glasscubes. Navigate to the desired destination in your file list and simply drag and drop the files/folders directly into the list.

If there is a file or folder in the destination that you are uploading to, which has the same name as a file or folder that you are uploading, you will be given the option to either update the version of that file or save it as a new copy.

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