To access a file's detail page click on its title in the list of files. The detail page shows a preview of the file so that you can quickly review the content without having to download it.

There are several powerful document management features on this page. The 3 main options are to 'Share', 'Edit' or Download the file.

Other file management features can be accessed by clicking the 'Options' button, which include:

The file 'Info' tab

Specific information that relates to the file can be found by clicking the 'Info' tab.

The 'Info' tab includes:

  • The location path of the file.
  • The version and revision of the file, which can added by clicking the 'not set' link.
  • The file's permissions and ability to change them.
  • 'The file is shared' displays if the file has been shared using a public link and gives the ability to remove it.
  • File versions lists all previous versions of a file and gives users the ability to view and download them.
  • A complete audit trail of the file's activity.

The file 'Comments' tab

The ability for users to follow the file, add comments and @mention other users to collaborate around the file’s content.

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