Every file that's uploaded into Glasscubes has a comprehensive audit trail, which shows user engagement. A useful part of that is being able to quickly see which users have shared a file, who they shared it with, and when. In addition to that, and unlike email, Glasscubes also shows you whether a file has been viewed by the recipient.

To see who a file has been shared with click on its title to launch it's preview page and then the file's 'Info' tab.

Files shared internally

If the file has been distributed to other workspace members, an entry will appear in the file's audit trail. Click on the 'member(s)' link to list the users.

Files shared externally

If the file has been shared externally using a secure share link, click the 'Share history' link to see the recipients.

Files that have received and viewed will show a tick against the recipients email address.

Want to see the same feature for Posts, Polls and Announcements?

When you add a Post, Poll or Announcement to Glasscubes you have the option to notify other users of it. If you do, Glasscubes records the users that you sent the notification to, when it was sent and whether it has been viewed by them. More

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