Getting Started

Are you new to Glasscubes? This is a good place to start

12 articles


Everything you need to know about creating and managing your workspaces

16 articles

Your Account

Upgrading and comparing subscriptions, account customisation and configuration

12 articles

File/Folder Sharing & Management

Securely store, organise, and share files and folders

14 articles

Document Management

A powerful suite of document management tools

11 articles

Information Request

A tool that organises responses and saves time by chasing outstanding and overdue items for you

7 articles

Task Management

All the information you need to set up a task list for you or your team

14 articles

Project Management

Advanced features for administering larger or more complex projects

5 articles

Forms & Workflow

A secure and powerful automated solution using online forms

11 articles

User Management

Adding or removing users and assigning individual or team permissions

5 articles


Add a post, poll and company announcement, or try our free conference calling service

8 articles


Shared calendars make it easy to manage events while considering everyone’s availability

5 articles

System Notifications

Controlling your email notifications, notifying other members and following items

5 articles


User activity audit, document management and task reporting

5 articles


Resources that help configure your account and train your users

9 articles

Security & Single Sign-On

Additional security features and SSO for Enterprise subscribers

7 articles

Tools & Technical Documentation

Desktop Connect, Custom URL's, API and single sign on

12 articles