Workspaces explained

A workspace is a secure online area for members to share files, assign tasks, manage projects, start discussions, and organise schedules.

Create separate workspaces for different groups of people, projects or events. Each workspace can be customised and branded for the group of people or project it contains.

You can involve colleagues, customers or suppliers, in fact anyone you need to communicate and share information with regularly.

Types of workspace

  • Private workspaces are only visible to the users that are invited to join them.

  • Public workspaces can be browsed in a Public Workspaces Directory and joined on demand.

To create a public workspace you must first create a private workspace and then convert in to a public workspace.

Regardless of type, a workspace's contents and activity only become visible to users after they become a member of that particular workspace.

Creating a private workspace

To create a workspace click the plus icon next to 'MY WORKSPACES' on the side navigation bar or use the 'Add' icon.

Give your workspace a name and then click 'Next'.

Finally select the features that you want to add to your workspace by checking the relevant boxes. We strongly recommend that you only add the features that you need, this will keep the workspace as simple for its members to navigate as possible.

Note: You can change these settings at any time by clicking on the workspace 'Options' link.

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