After creating a task in the Tasks section of a workspace you have the option to assign it to yourself and/or other users. Every task you create will appear in your 'My Tasks' area, regardless of who it’s assigned to.

Any tasks that are assigned to you by other users will also appear in your 'My Tasks' area. However, you cannot assign tasks to other users from the 'My Tasks' area.

You can assign a task by clicking on the person icon in the task list or in the task's detail panel. Now select the name, or names of the users that you want to assign the task to and press 'Save'.

Assigning a task to multiple workspace members

If you want to assign a task to multiple users at the same time you have two options:

Assign tasks to Anyone if you want to allow any of the users that you have assigned the task to to be able to complete the task on behalf of the group.

Assign tasks to Everyone if you want each member of the group to complete that same task; the task will then be duplicated to each user.

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