A Gantt chart is an interactive timeline that helps calculate, manage and monitor project time frames. It illustrates task dependencies and forecasts the time required to meet your project milestones and deadline.

Accessing the Timeline view

The 'Timeline' view is available in the Workgroup and Enterprise Editions of Glasscubes.

To view a workspace’s Timeline view, go to the Tasks section and click on the icon shown above.

Organising your project

Follow these simple steps to create your project using the Timeline view.

  1. Create a project overview (configure your Timeline to automatically adjust to your working hours).

  2. Split your project into phases, or groups of tasks.

  3. For each phase enter all of the tasks in the order that they should be completed.

  4. Add the anticipated duration of each task.

  5. Add your project milestone(s) and add the date that your project or phases must be completed.

  6. Determine whether any of your tasks have dependent relationships e.g. a task cannot start before another task is completed.

  7. Now link those tasks on the Timeline view.

  8. Assign the tasks to your team.

  9. Monitor your project and keep it on track using Critical Path Analysis.

NOTE: If you move a task in the timeline view, which changes the task's due date, a notification will be sent to any users that have been assigned to that task.

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