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The best way to ask a question, start a discussion or update other workspace members is to add a Post to your workspace feed.

The quickest way to create a Post is using the 'Add' icon. Alternatively navigate to the 'Discussions' section of your workspace.

Posting on to your workspace feed

Click into the text box and type your message. If you want to add formatting to your Post click on the 'Advanced Editor' link above the text box. You also have the option of attaching files.

Now decide who you want to notify of your Post. The default is to notify 'All Members' but this can be removed by clicking on the X. To add individual members type their name in the box or select their name from the drop down menu.

If you don't select any names the Post will still appear in the feed so that workspace members can see and add comments the next time they login.

Which users have been notified?

if you notify other users of a Post Glasscubes records the users that you sent the notification to, when it was sent and whether it has been viewed by them. More

Adding comments to posts

Click the 'Write a comment' link and a text field appears. After you have added your comment you have the option to attach files to your comment.

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