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You will find the global search facility in the center of your top navigation bar. This is a 'Google like' deep search, which will return results from the whole of your account. It searches posts, tasks, events, comments, users and files; where it examines the entire contents of a file, rather than just its title.

This search will return results from every area of your account but only information that you have permission to access.

When you first click into the search box a drop down menu of categories appears. If you want to restrict your search to just one category, select it from the drop down and conduct your search. Only results from that category will appear.

Each category has a number of filters to refine the results and quickly locate the specific item(s) you're looking for.

Advanced search functionality

Using the following symbols to filter your search results will help you find the right information fast.

  • This word must appear in the results - Add the plus (+) symbol before the word.

  • Don't display a word in the results - Add the minus (-) symbol before the word.

  • Wildcard search - Add an asterisk (*) before or after the word you would like to appear in the results.

  • Exact phrase search - Add speech marks ("") either side of a phrase for that exact phrase to appear in the results.

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