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Request a user's approval of a file, or confirmation it's been read
Request a user's approval of a file, or confirmation it's been read

Get immediate feedback and agreement on the contents of a file

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These powerful document management features make it easy to gather users’ approval, or acknowledgement that they have read a file. It allows them to give feedback and records their response. It’s ideal for businesses that need a record of employee acceptance for compliance and auditing purposes.

Firstly locate and click on the file that you would like to have approved or read. In the file 'Options' drop down menu you will find the 'Approval request' and 'Read request' links. Decide whether you want to ask users to approve or reject a file, or whether you just want them to acknowledge that they have read the file's content. Then click the appropriate link.

File approval request

The file approval feature is perfect if you want a user to either approve or reject a particular file. The user also has the option of giving you feedback on their decision. Any comment will be appended to the file's comment section for future reference.

Select 'Add new request' and then click into the highlighted box above and select who you would like the requests to be sent to from the drop down menu.

Is there a date that you want a response by? Then add it to the 'Approve by date' field and users will be made aware of the request’s urgency when they receive their notification. You will also be presented with the option to send overdue reminders. Now click 'Send'.

Users will be sent an email request with a link that they can click on to respond, and a notification is added to their 'My Stuff'.

The alert will remain at the top of their My Stuff page and act as a reminder until they respond.

When a user responds to a request they are given the option to add feedback which will automatically be recorded in the comments section against that file.

Response results and audit trail

After sending the approval requests the user list will record and display whether they have responded or not and if they have approved or rejected the file.

File read and acknowledge request

If you just want users to read and accept a file, they will not be given the option to reject the request.

Click here for information on file approval and read request reporting.

Do you want to request file approvals or read requests in bulk?

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