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Tasks ensure that you and your team get the job done, on time and as required. Without them, it's too easy for members to remain unaccountable and miss deadlines.

The quickest way to create a new task is by using the 'Add' icon. Alternatively, you can create a new personal task in your 'My Tasks' area, which can be found on your side navigation bar, or a shared task in the 'Task' section of a workspace.

Creating a new task

To create a new task, simply click the 'New task' button, enter a title in the text box and press return, or click 'Add'.

Click on the title of any task and the it's detail panel will appear to the right hand side of the task list.

Marking a task in progress and completed

When you start a task you can mark it as 'In progress' by clicking on the grey circle icon, to the left of its title. The icon will turn green.

To complete a task, click on the icon again and a green tick will appear, the task will be marked as completed and disappear from the list.

Reopen a completed task

If you have completed a task and want to reopen it, change the 'View' to 'All' or one of the 'Completed' options.

Find the task you want to re-open in the list and click on the green icon. The task will now re-appear in the task list.

Alternatively go to the task's detail panel and click the same icon.

Setting a due date

After creating a task you can add a due date by clicking the calendar icon to the right.

If you want to add a duration to your task, the first date you select will be the start date and the second will become the end date. The duration will be calculated automatically.

Now if you select the 'To do order' View, your task list will be sorted in due date order.

Other task features:

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