This report records activity associated to users, files, posts, tasks, events, announcements and workspaces, across the entire account.

The same report is available to Workspace Owners at an individual workspace level.

Account activity report

Administrators can access this report by navigating to Settings>Activity report.

The 'Activity Report' filter panel will appear giving you various ways to filter your results. If you want to see all activity on your account don't select any filters, just click 'Create Report'.

You can filter by:

  • Workspace

  • User

  • Subject type: - Files, Posts, Tasks, Events, User or Workspaces.

  • Action: - Comment, Remove comment, Delete, Download, Edit, New, Share, Upload or View.

  • You can also filter the activity events by adding custom dates.

Downloading the results

After clicking 'Create Report' the relevant events are displayed and you will be given the option to export the report as a csv file.

Workspace activity report

Workspace Owners can access the same report for their workspace members by navigating to the workspace Options>Activity section.

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