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Task workload overview report
Task workload overview report

A single downloadable report to show all task activity across all workspaces

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Do you want to report and export all of your team’s tasks, across all of their workspaces? The 'Task Workload Report' will give you the information that you need in seconds.

If you'd prefer a visual overview of your workspaces, check out our Project Portfolios feature.

To run the overview report, go to the 'Tasks' section of any workspace and click on the reports icon.

The 'Task Progress Overview' popup will appear. Click on the 'Overview' link and select 'Workload' from the drop down menu.

  • The 'User' drop down menu allows you select which member’s tasks you want to view.

  • The 'Workspace' drop down menu allows you to select which workspaces you want to include.

  • The 'State' drop down menu allows you to select the state of the tasks you want to include.

  • After you have selected the filters that you want to apply, click 'Create Report'.

NOTE: Large reports may take several seconds to load.

Once the information has loaded you will be able to sort the report by the date it was created, who created the task, the task’s title, who the task is assigned to, it’s due date, the category (if one has been set) or by the progress made.

The report can be downloaded and saved as a csv spreadsheet by clicking the link at the top of the report.

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