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Notifying other members of an activity
Notifying other members of an activity

Using the social @mention feature to keep other users in the loop

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The easiest way to notify other team members of an activity is to ‘@mention’ them in a comment box that is associated to the item you want to draw their attention to.

Just type your message and add the @ symbol followed by the team members name. As soon as you type the @ symbol a list of all team members will appear. You can select multiple team members from the list.

If you @mention a team member they automatically become a follower of that item. What is following?

Notifying team members without making them a follower

You have the option of notifying other team members of a dashboard announcement, a new post or poll, without making them followers.

When you create a new post, you will see a box to select users.

Now click in the text box and a list of members will appear. Select the members or teams that you would like to notify and click ‘Post’.

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