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Task time tracking and variance reports
Task time tracking and variance reports

Compare the estimated time allocated against the actual time recorded

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If you record time against tasks the 'Time Tracking Report' offers a detailed breakdown of the time users allocate to tasks. We also provide a 'Time Variance Report', which compares the difference between the estimated time allocated to a task and the actual time recorded against tasks.

You can use these reports in any workspace and report across all of your workspaces and their members.

To run either report, go to the 'Tasks' section of any workspace and click on the reports icon.

The 'Task Progress Overview' popup will appear. Click on the report that you would like to run.

Time tracking report

Filter by User, Workspace and date. This report can be downloaded as a CSV file.

Time variance report

You can filter on Users, Workspaces, the state of the tasks (whether they are completed or not), as well as being able to filter by date.

The report will display the estimated time against the time that’s actually recorded and calculate the difference. To give a quick visual representation, if the estimated time is exceeded the difference in time will be highlighted in red. Alternatively if the estimated time has yet to be met the difference will be displayed in green.

The results can be download to CSV for easy analysis.

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