Create a new task by email

Use email to set up and assign tasks without having to login

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Glasscubes makes it easy for you to add new tasks using your email, without having to login.

Each workspace has its own unique email address, which will allow you to add tasks by email. The address can be found in the 'Tasks' section of your workspace, by clicking on the envelope icon shown below.

TIP: If you are going to use this feature regularly it saves time if you add this unique address as a contact in your email address book.

Send an email to this address to create an unassigned task in this workspace. The subject of your email will become the task's title and its content will become the description.

Assigning a task by email

Create and assign a task to another workspace member by emailing that member while including this unique email address in the Cc field.

IMPORTANT: You can only forward emails from the email address that is registered in your profile.

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