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Account customisation and branding
Account customisation and branding

Fully customise and brand your account as your own

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Account Branding

To customise your account's colours and branding navigate to your profile icon at the top right and then select Account Settings>Branding. Add your company logo and change the account colours to brand the account to your own look and feel.

Dashboard welcome banner customisation

Personalise your dashboard banner with your own image, messaging and quick links that make it easy to access common items or other regularly used online platforms. Users quickly identify with Glasscubes as their go-to hub for all information and services.

First impressions

Your account’s URL is unique and chosen by you e.g.

The Enterprise Edition of Glasscubes offers you the option of a custom URL providing a seamless link to your organisation e.g.

Add your logo to the sign in page.

Personalise invitations to new users.

Workspace branding

You can add a customised welcome header to individual workspaces. It’s a great way to give your workspace a distinct look and feel, and perfect if you want to brand extranet portals for clients or partners. Click here for further instructions.

White labelled account

The Enterprise Edition can be totally white labelled, which removes all references to Glasscubes. It creates added value by promoting Glasscubes as an extension of your organisation's own technology.

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