Glasscubes gives you the facility to easily record and report against the time spent on tasks. It’s ideal for businesses that bill their clients based on an hourly rate.

To start recording time against a task, click on the clock icon in the task’s detail panel.

Using the timer to record time

To start the built-in timer click the arrow icon.

Pause and restart the timer at any time. The timer will continue to run even if you navigate away from the task and log out of Glasscubes.

To access any timed tasks that are in progress, click the egg timer icon that appears to the right on your top navigation bar.

Any of the tasks that are in progress can be paused or stopped from this panel.

If you press 'Stop' the time will automatically be recorded against the task. Any seconds recorded will be rounded up to the next full minute.

Manually adding time

Time can be manually added in days, hours and minutes.


If you record time against tasks, the 'Task time variance Report' provides a detailed breakdown of the actual time users allocate against tasks.

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