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After you have installed the app, here's how it works

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After installing Desktop Connect the file 'Edit' button will automatically download and launch the file's native application for immediate editing; providing that you have that application installed on your computer.

If you click 'Save' in your application a new version of the file will be saved and updated directly into your Glasscubes account.

IMPORTANT: After you have finished editing the file, click the 'Unlock file' button so that other users can access and edit the file. If you don’t unlock the file other users that try to access it will be informed that it's locked for edit by you.

Desktop notifications

After installing Desktop Connect you will see an icon appear in your Windows bottom navigation bar. The number displayed in the center of the Desktop Connect icon denotes the number of unread notifications you have. 

Desktop Connect will automatically send you desktop notifications, which appear as a pop up in the bottom right hand corner of you screen, regardless of whether you are logged into Glasscubes or not.

If you click on the link that they contain, you will be redirected to the item in Glasscubes.

You can view a list of your recent notifications without having to login to Glasscubes. Click on the Desktop Connect icon, highlighted above. 

The Desktop Connection notification list will load.

From here you have the option of logging straight into your account by clicking the 'My Account' link.

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