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Adjust the way a document or spreadsheet is previewed

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When you click on the title of a file in Glasscubes it conveniently loads and displays an image of that file in an online preview window, without the need to download it.

If you are storing larger files or spreadsheets you may find that the preview doesn't always display the exact area that you would like it to.

Here is an example of an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The instructions that follow can also be applied to a Microsoft Word document.

This is a preview of the same spreadsheet, which isn't displaying all of the fields.

To set the preview area, firstly select all of the cells that you would like to preview.

Now select the 'Page Layout' tab, click the 'Print Area' icon and select 'Set Print Area' from the drop down menu. Then click on 'File' and 'Print'.

Click the 'No Scaling' button and select 'Fit Sheet on One Page'.

The print preview screen will now be displaying exactly the same area as the online preview in Glasscubes. You may find that changing the orientation of the page may help too. After you are happy with the the preview save the file and upload it to Glasscubes.

This is how the spreadsheet will appear in the online preview.

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