The following features and services are exclusive to the Enterprise Edition of Glasscubes:

Storage limit

There is no limit to the size of files that can be uploaded and no limit to the total amount of storage that you have available.

Form submission allowance

The limit of monthly form submissions is increased to 10,000 per month.

Customisation and branding

Whether Glasscubes is used by your colleagues, customers or partners, we understand the importance of promoting your brand and realise that it should be reflected in everything you do. In addition to our standard branding options the Enterprise Edition includes:

  • Account white labelling - which removes all references to Glasscubes, providing added value by allowing you to promote the platform as an extension of your organisation's own technology.

  • Custom URL - access Glasscubes via a dedicated sub-domain of your own website e.g.

Additional security

Add an extra layer of security to your account with two-factor authentication (2FA).

Extranet user management

Extranets are distinct from intranets in that they are intended for users outside of your company, whereas an intranet's users are typically internal. If you use Glasscubes as both an intranet and extranet there will be elements of your intranet that you will want to automatically exclude from your external users. More info

Account management services

Enterprise clients are provided a comprehensive range of resources to assist with the initial migration, configuration and the ongoing support of their account. These include:

  • Priority technical support

  • Configuration assistance

  • Migration assistance

  • Dedicated CSM

  • Membership to our Beta Testing Community


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