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Calendars - The basics
Calendars - The basics

Create an event and send invitations to attendees

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A shared calendar is perfect for scheduling events, recording activities and monitoring availability. The quickest way to create a calendar event is using the 'Add' icon. Alternatively navigate to the 'Calendar' section of your workspace and click the 'Add' button.

Select 'Event' from the drop down menu.

Add a start and finish time to your event, alternatively just check the 'All day' box.

You have the option to create recurring events and set up event reminders.

Repeat events

Events can be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. You can choose exactly when you'd like to repeat the event and the number of times to repeat it.

Setting reminders

You can set yourself a reminder for your event, which notifies you by either email or SMS/Text (if you choose this option you need to add your mobile number, including the international dialling code into your profile).

You also have the option to send an email reminder to the attendees of your event.

Inviting members

After you've added all of the details to your event you're ready to send out invitations to the attendees. Click in the box highlighted above and either select other workspace members from the drop down menu or enter the email address for non-members.

You can add a personalised message and have the option to send a copy of the invitation to yourself.

Attendee invitation responses

After an attendee receives your invitation they have the option to accept, reject or provisionally accept it. They can even respond proposing an alternative time.

If they accept their invitation, the event is automatically added to their own personal calendar (Outlook, Google Mail etc).

If you navigate to an event's detail panel by editing it, you'll find a list of the attendees and their responses.

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