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Calendar settings
Calendar settings

Changing the week's start day, weekly view and colour

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Week start day

You can decide whether you want your workspace calendar week to start on a Monday (typical in the UK & Europe) or on a Sunday (typical in the US).

Navigate to your profile, by clicking on your profile photo (or Avatar with your initials on it) in the top right hand corner of your screen, then select 'Calendar Settings'.

Now select either 'Monday' or 'Sunday'.

Weekly view

The default view for your calendar is monthly. If you have lots of events, you may want to change that to a weekly view.

You can do that by selecting the drop down menu next to the 'Add' new event button.

Calendar colour

Each of your calendars are given a random colour. You can change that colour by hovering over the workspace's name in the calendar list and selecting the pencil icon to edit.

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