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Personalise your dashboard banner by adding your own image, messaging and links

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Your dashboard is the first thing that users see when they login. It's the perfect place to welcome them and explain the purpose of your portal.

Personalise your dashboard banner with your own image, messaging and quick links that make it easy to access common items or other regularly used online platforms. Users quickly identify with Glasscubes as their go-to hub for all information and services.

Customising your banner

Only Administrators can edit the dashboard banner. To enable/disable your dashboard banner navigate to Settings>Branding and check/uncheck 'Enable dashboard banner'.

Click the settings icon and then select the element of the banner that you would like to amend from the drop down menu.

To edit the title or message text just click into the relevant text box.

You can also change the colour of the text.

Click the 'Add link' button to add new links to your banner. Give the link a name and destination URL.

You can remove a link, by clicking the 'X'.

NOTE: Please remove the 'Click for more' link. This link is to guide administrators when first branding the site.

If you are linking to content in Glasscubes navigate to the area or item that you want to link to and copy the URL that's found in your browser address bar.

If you link to an item contained in Glasscubes, you would normally uncheck the 'Open link in a new window' box.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are linking to content in Glasscubes you must consider user permissions. Those items should be located in an area that all users have access to, otherwise they will not be able to access that item. Alternatively link to the item using a Public Share Link.

There is no limit to the number of links you can add. If you have more than can be displayed along the bottom of your banner a 'More links' option will appear, which will contain a drop down list of the remaining links.

Edit background

Choose an image, a gradient combining two colours or a solid colour for your background. Toggle between the options using the tabs at the top of the popup.

If you choose to use an image you have the option to change it's overlay opacity, using the slider shown above. Making it darker provides more contrast between white text and the background image, making it easier to read.

You can upload an image of your own. We recommend a minimum width of 1500 pixels. You will be given the option to crop your image after uploading it; the height will automatically be cropped at 200 pixels.

Edit social icons

Add links to you social media sites by adding the remainder of their URLs in the relevant fields.

Click 'Save' and the social links will appear in the top right corner of your banner.

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