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Labels for calendar events
Labels for calendar events

Organise or categorise your events using quick filter labels

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Labels offer a quick and powerful way to organise calendar events. You can add multiple labels to each event and then filter using a combination of labels to effortlessly locate the right event.

Adding labels

When you create an event hover your mouse over the label icon and click the plus symbol, a text box will appear.

If you already have labels created, select them from the drop down menu. To add new labels just type the name into the box and separate them using a comma. When you have finished click 'Save'.

Now that you have applied the label(s) they will appear on the event popup. Hover your mouse over the the label to expand it and display the full name.

Filtering labels

To the top left hand corner of your calendar you will see a list of the labels that are being used in that workspace. 

Click on the title of a label to display all of the calendar events that have that label applied to them.

If you want to refine your search, click on multiple labels. You can filter using multiple labels. Once you have two or more labels selected additional filtering options become available, to 'Match all labels' or 'Match any labels'.

Editing labels

To rename or change the colour of a label, hover your mouse over the title of the label in the label list.

Click on the pen icon to edit.

Deleting labels

To delete a label, click on the same pen icon as you would to edit it.

When the edit popup appears click the trash icon to delete the label.

Restrict the editing of labels

You have the option to lock down the editing of labels to Administrators and Workspace Owners only. This is an account-wide setting, which can only be enabled by an Administrator and restricts the editing of labels for files, tasks and calendar events, across all workspaces.

To enable the restriction, navigate to Settings>Options and scroll down the page to the 'Labels options' section and check the option to enable the restriction.

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