Glasscubes monitors any device and browser that's used to access your account. If your login information is used on an unknown device, or a known device but using a different browser, you will be alerted by email immediately.

What do I do if I receive an alert?

The email alert will inform you of the device and browser that has been detected. If the login was you, then just disregard the alert. If you are unsure, check the registered devices in the 'Security' section of your user profile (see instructions below).

If the login wasn't you change your password immediately, which will prevent any further login attempts. If the login was on a mobile device, follow the instructions below to remotely revoke access to that device.

Managing your devices and login history

To see the devices that have logged into your account navigate to the 'Security' section of your profile, which is accessed by clicking on your profile picture and selecting 'Your profile' from the drop down menu.

To disable mobile devices that use a mobile app to access your account, click the relevant 'Revoke access' link.

Installations of Desktop Connect can be revoked in the same way.

Any device that has logged into your account using a browser will appear in date order, the most recent at the top.

NOTE: The example above shows the same desktop PC logging in using different browsers, which is the most common reason for receiving an unexpected alert.

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