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Create a file/folder index
Create a file/folder index

A workspace report that creates an exportable list of your files and folders

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This index can be created with a single click by Workspace Owners or Administrators.

Navigate to the relevant workspace and click 'Options' and then 'Settings'.

Under the files section, locate 'Export file index' and click 'Download'.

There is also an option to make the document index available to all members of the workspace in the Files tab.

The image above shows you a selection of a file and folder index. The pdf file that's downloaded will display your file and folder structure as it appears in your workspace.

If you would prefer an editable Excel version of the index, select the checkbox by ' Make document index available in Files tab'.

Navigate to Files, select 'Export document index'. In the next window select 'Excel/CSV' from the dropdown and click 'Download'

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