All of the email notifications that are sent by the platform originate from the email address If you subscribe to the Enterprise Edition of Glasscubes you have the option of masking this email address with one of your own.

NOTE: To enable this option you will need technical knowledge and understand how to change DNS settings.

Firstly you need to choose a domain to send the Glasscubes notification emails from. It CANNOT be exactly the same as your current email domain, as we will need to redirect all emails that are sent to the new domain to Glasscubes.

As an example, if your email is you could choose a subdomain of e.g. or, or a completely new domain (which you own) like

After you've informed us of your chosen new domain we will begin the set up. We will contact you with several DNS entries for that domain, which will need to be added to your DNS. After that has been done we can complete the verification and setup.

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