Do you regularly request information from external parties? Some common examples are customer order information, feedback requests, membership forms, satisfaction surveys or file requests. Perhaps you submit information to other internal departments, things like holiday requests to HR, expense claims to Finance, IT service desk or other facility requests.

Do you have a secure and reliable means of transferring this information? How do you know if the information has been received or acted on? Do you find yourself manually entering the information you have requested into other systems?

Online forms dramatically reduce the time, effort and risk associated with requesting information by other means. Replace repetitive, mundane tasks with custom workflow and effortlessly manage submissions as they are received. It's simple to set up and delivers a powerful automated solution.

When a recipient responds by submitting a form, the information it contains is immediately encrypted and securely transferred into your workspace. It is in a format that you have specified, you are notified immediately and it cannot get lost.

10 reasons you should be requesting information using forms:

  1. Improve productivity by requesting and receiving information in a more efficient manner.

  2. Peace of mind that the information is secure, using an encrypted transfer.

  3. No restriction on the quantity of files you can request, or their size.

  4. No printing of information required, so it is environmentally friendly.

  5. Nominate a location for file submissions so that nothing is lost.

  6. Receive alerts that let you know when information has been submitted.

  7. Ensure timely responses using automated reminders.

  8. Immediate visibility of any outstanding requests.

  9. Responses are collated in a central database, making the results easy to analyse.

  10. Information can be exported so that it is easy to share.

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