Each form has its own progress panel.

Navigate to the list of forms in your workspace and click the 'View results' link on the relevant form.

The progress panel lists every request and submission for that form. Each form has its own workflow, which begins when a form is first submitted. Every Action that has been added to the form will add a stage to the form's workflow.

The progress panel contains the following information, from left to right:

  • State - Not started, in progress, completed or overdue.

  • Requested by - The requester's name. If a form is submitted from a link or directly from a workspace, then it will be marked as a 'Direct submission'.

  • Requested - The date and time a request was made.

  • Recipient - The name of the user, or the email of an external party, that the request was sent to.

  • Progress - Each section of the progress bar represents a single stage of a workflow. In the example above there are only 2 stages but there can be as many as required. If you hover your mouse over a stage you will see its action.

  • Last action - The date and time that the last stage of the workflow was completed.

  • Blocked by - The person who needs to complete the next Action in a workflow.

  • Due by - The due date of a submission; if one was added to the request.

Managing submissions

Click on one of the submissions in the list of results and it's detail panel will expand from the right. The 'Action' drop down menu allows you to save, print or delete that submission.

The detail panel starts with the response to the initial form submission. As you scroll down the panel you will see any Actions that have been applied to this form, in the order that they will be applied. Any actions with a green border have been completed.

Notify user(s) action

This action notifies selected members of the workspace that a submission has been received.

Add task action

This action creates a task, which can be automatically assigned to workspace members with a due date, if required.

Save PDF copy action

This action has been configured to save a PDF copy of the completed form to the 'Form Submissions' folder in the 'Example Workspace'.

Multipart form action

In the workflow above the second part of a multipart form is waiting for John Smith to submit a response. You have the option to send a reminder, edit the request and send it to someone else, or submit it on his behalf.

In this example the action has not been configured to automatically send the second part of the form. To progress this workflow a member of the workspace must either submit the second part of this form themselves or manually send the request to another recipient. NOTE: If no further action is taken the workflow will not progress.

Approval action

This action shows who the approval request was sent to and when it is due. Reminders can be sent to the recipient by clicking the 'Send reminder' link. When a response is received it will be recorded in this panel.

If the action hasn't been configured to send a request to a user automatically, you will have the option to manually approve/reject the submission instead.

Filtering results

To the right of the progress panel is the results filter.

Click into the search box and type the name of a Requester, the name/email address of a Recipient or Blocker, and the list will filter the results accordingly.

You also have the option to filter by State, just click on the relevant state in the pie chart or it's legend.

Exporting results

All of the information that has been submitted into a form can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet, so that it can be shared, analysed or imported into other systems.

The 'Export to Excel' button can be found in the top right hand corner of the results panel.

Other reports

A personal report, which shows all of the requests that you have made, regardless of workspace.

A workspace level report that provides a single view to manage all of the requests within a workspace.

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