Manage information requests across a single workspace

To report across multiple forms that are located in a single workspace, navigate to the forms section of your workspace and click the 'Forms report' link.

This report provides exactly the same information as an individual form's progress panel but includes the submissions from all of the forms in that workspace.

Manage information requests across multiple workspaces

For an overview of all of your information requests, regardless of workspace, navigate to your 'My Stuff' page. Expand your 'My Requests' panel and the 'Information Requests' pie chart will summarise the status of all of your requests over a given time frame. Click on the pie chart to launch the detailed results panel.

If you would prefer to see an overview of every form submission, across multiple workspaces, you will first need to create a portfolio of the workspaces you want to report on. That will then become accessible from the 'My Portfolios' panel in your 'My Stuff' page.

After selecting the relevant portfolio, click the 'View' link and select 'Information request' from the drop down menu to display the report.

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