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Adding a payment card to your account
Adding a payment card to your account

Automate billing using a debit or credit card card

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We accept all major debit and credit cards. Alternatively, contact us if you would prefer us to set up a Direct Debit for you (UK customers only).

To add a card to your account, you will need to be an account Administrator. Navigate to 'Account settings>Billing' and click the 'Add payment card' button.

Add you card details and click 'Use this card'.

If you have an outstanding invoice, payment will be taken immediately and your card details stored securely, so that any future amounts can be charged automatically.


As invoices are raised they are immediately available for download from the Billing section in your account. You can have them forwarded to you automatically by adding an email address to your account.

Click on the 'View' link against the relevant invoice to view and download a pdf copy.

Settled invoices will be marked as 'PAID'.

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