Project portfolios give workspace members better visibility across multiple projects. They allow a Workspace Owner to feedback detailed information to the workspace members by adding a description and priority to the project. If a project's status changes, the Workspace Owner can give status updates, with an explanation, and their members are notified immediately.

Creating your first project portfolio

To create your first project portfolio, open the side navigation bar and click on 'My Stuff'.

Expand the 'Portfolios' section and click the plus icon.

Give your portfolio a name and click 'Create'.

Click on your new portfolio. Then click the 'Add workspace' button, select the workspace(s) that you would like to add to your portfolio and click 'Save'.

Your portfolio makes it easy to see each workspace's progress, it's start and end date, if applicable, and it's status and priority. Click on any of the workspaces in your portfolio for more detailed information.

The detail panel includes all of the information required to assess a project's progress. Click on the workspace's name to navigate directly to the task list in that workspace.

You can navigate to the same information from the task list of a workspace by clicking on the icon highlighted above.

Changing a project's status

Only a Workspace Owner or Administrator can update a project's status. To do that click the status on the detail panel and select your desired status.

Now enter an explanation to inform other workspace members of the reason you've changed the status and click 'Update status'.

All workspace members will be notified of the update. It will also appear on that workspace's Discussions feed and the main Dashboard feed.

Managing the workspaces in your portfolio

You can add or remove workspaces from your portfolio by clicking the 'Manage workspaces' button.

Sharing your portfolios with other workspace members

Open the portfolio you would like to share.

Click the 'Share' button, then select the workspace members from the drop down list who you would like to share your portfolio with and click 'Share'.

They will receive a notification and your portfolio will appear in their list marked as [Shared].

When a recipient opens your shared portfolio they will only be able to view workspaces that they are a member of.

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