You need 'Workspace Owner' permissions to manage workspace members. This can be done by navigating to the Options>Users section of your workspace.

Adding a user

The quickest way to add a user is by using the 'Actions' button. Alternatively, navigate to the 'Members' section of your workspace and click the 'Invite users' button.

Is the person you want to add already a user on your account?

You can check by clicking into the first text box (highlighted below) and type their name or email address. If their name appears in the list, select it. If it doesn’t appear they haven't been invited to your account yet, just add their email address to invite them to the workspace.

Now select the role/permission level that you want to assign them:

  • Workspace Owner - can add and remove users to the workspace, change workspace settings and even delete the workspace.

  • Contributor - can upload/modify content and have full access to the workspace’s functionality.

  • Can Comment – the same as “Read Only” but are able to contribute with comments.

  • Read Only - can only view and download content.

You now have the option to add a personal message to their invitation and finally click the 'Add' button.

If the user you have added to this workspace was already on the account, you will be able to immediately involve them in workspace activity. If they are a new user, you will have to wait for them to accept their invitation before they can be involved.

Invitation reminders

If you invite a user to your workspace that is also new to the platform, they will be sent an invitation to join. If their invitation has not been accepted after 7 days an automated reminder with be sent. If the recipient still hasn't accepted their invitation 14 days after the first reminder is sent, a final reminder will be sent.

Workspace Owners can push out manual reminders by navigating to that workspace, then 'Options>Users' and clicking the 'Resend invite' button, found next to the email address of the unaccepted invitation.

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