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Document management for files

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To access a file's detail page navigate to the 'Files' section of the relevant workspace and click on its title, in the list of files. The detail page shows a preview of the file so that you can quickly review the content without having to download it.

There are several powerful document management features on this page. The main options are to 'Share' or 'Edit' the file.

Other file management features can be accessed by clicking the 'Options' button, these include:

The file 'Info' tab

Specific information that relates to the file can be found by clicking the 'Info' tab.

The 'Info' tab includes:

  • The location path of the file.

  • The version and revision of the file, which can added by clicking the 'not set' link.

  • The file's permissions and ability to change them.

  • 'The file is shared' displays if the file has been shared using a public link and gives the ability to remove it.

  • File versions lists all previous versions of a file and gives users the ability to view and download them.

  • A complete audit trail of the file's activity.

  • Any related files (this will only appear if the file shares a label with other files).

  • the file's share history.

The file 'Comments' tab

This section give users the ability to follow the file, add comments and @mention other users to collaborate around the file’s content.

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